Not Just Literally

I feel like i’ve created a few hundred blogs (3 or 4) but they all fail… 

I don’t update often. I feel like when starting a blog you are forced to pick a theme or something along the lines that you will always talk about, like the title of your blog must be directly connected to what you are writting about. That won’t work for me. I am far too passionate about too many thing to stick to one subject. I love life. And yes, while I do travel with my mini’s and do so often, I also travel with them in life. Daily life is a journey, trip or adventure. So when I blog here it won’t be advice on traveling with your kids…maybe sometime… it won’t always even be about kids. Pretty much it was the only title not taken that I liked and didn’t have to pay for.

The one thing you can expect is an honest opinion or honest thoughts. I need a place to vent, and I’m not to much of a private person as anyone who read my blogs way back in the day of myspace.

So pretty much this is a journal, not just of travel or children but a general subject. Matter of a fact, you can just ignore the title.

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