Spring Flowers

A couple of weeks ago during Charleston Fashion Week my mother in law came to stay to help with the kids. Every time she is in town there is sure to be some yard work done in some way.

This time we were talking about recycling our used and broken bed peices. My children’s old crib springs we are using as a trellis.


That’s not it looks now I promise. But the idea seemed simple enough to me. I was worried if maybe the rain would rust the bars and that would have some effect on the plant. I am still not sure the answer but fingers are crossed.

Then we took, or should I say the MIL did pretty much all the work. So we brain stormed that we could use my son’s old Ikea bed frame and turn it into a flower bed.


Don’t ask what my daughter is wearing. My garden mom, had the idea of putting stepping stones so I could get around to water everything.



The potted plants don’t normally live there but they were there for easier watering.


Planted some carrots as well. They will be stubby for sure but was impressed they have already started sprouting.

Its just a small garden. But I need small because I have been known to kill things. We have planted a cherry tomato, some banana peppers, green bells, And some basil. Basil is important.

I have room for one more tomato and I am hoping to get an heirloom or something from a local grower.

Any tips and tricks you have for keeping my food alive?

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