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Expectations of Deployment

Now that we’ve had our homecoming, a huge weight is lifted and we can reflect on the past number of months.   In the beginning of deployment, I, along with the other gals of hearts apart, made a “dream board” based on what we wanted to accomplish during the deployment. My board was as follows: … Continue reading

Adventures in weaning.

So I am having a procedure in a few weeks in which I will be taking medications that my breast-feeding 19 month daughter can’t have. Also from what I understand i will be on the toilet a lot for prep and won’t have nutrients to spare. My daughter still wakes up to nurse a few … Continue reading

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

On our last day in Mammoth lakes, really in our last hours in Mammoth Lakes we made our way up to Mammoth Mountain to take the Scenic Gondola ride to the top. This wasn’t our first time. well… it was C’s first time but me and E had done this almost 3 years ago along … Continue reading

Essere Magazine

In April, when my son had his spring break, you may remember that we went to Virginia to stay with our friends in the Virginia Beach area, and our family in Charlottesville. While we were in Charlottesville I contacted a photographer I had the pleasure to work with on her vintage inspired series last summer. … Continue reading

Staying busy but not with travels.

I have named May “money saving May”. So with gas prices being the way they are and me being the way that I am, I have cut out most travel and restaurants. Obviously this excludes the occasional mini strawberry milk shake from Sonic. It seems that I read there is a kazoo factory in town … Continue reading

First care package

First care package

We are getting ready to send out our first care package next week but the box is already full. Of course I let the kids doodle all over it and I and the mother-in-law lended a hand and added some doodles of our own. I kept reading about the smiles on the faces of the … Continue reading