Hey guys! Thanks for coming to this page. I have a new site for my photo gallery and blog. Please check out starladawnphoto.comphoto_cityfinalist_212253

Artist Starla Dawn has been in the modeling industry for over 12 years and has dabbled in various mediums of art. She has a love for expired film, film photography, and compact DSLR cameras. She primarily shoots using a Canon K2 or a Sony NEX5R, and prefers a natural light, minimal editing style.  She also enjoys, writing, painting and all forms of creating but finds her passion in traveling and taking photos. She is currently residing in Germantown, MD with her husband and two children.


 Past Exhibitions:

RAW Baltimore

RAW Atlanta


Find more of my work here:


Vogue Italia’s Photo Vogue


National Geographic’s YourShot






SHOP – prints and products



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