Traveling without…

I am gearing up this weekend and as you may recall from earlier posts that my travel buddy is still deployed. Now I have a job which is requiring travel and my kids can’t come.
This may sound like a vacation and I’m trying hard to see it that way but I can’t help but feel guilty for leaving them when their dad is already gone. Secondly, what if something happened and I didn’t come home? My children… what would they do? I am hoping by putting my fears out there it may dissolve them. Letting things out is certainly better than keeping them in.
Trying to be positive…
I need to do this for me. I have needed a break for a while, and yes I will be working I will also be able to sleep in.
I need to do this for my kids. They need to know that they can’t count on others to care for them. They need to know they can and will survive and thrive without me there every second.
I need to do this for my family. Traveling costs money, and things have been getting tight. taking this job means more money which means we can afford more family fun.
I need to do the for my career. While I have been getting calls and have been playing with being locked in with an agent I would like to think and know I can do just as well as a free lance model.

Travel alone often? Put my mind at ease…plz.

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