Trashing the Dress

I had wanted to trash the dress pretty much since before I got married. They say all little girls dream of their wedding day, well I never did and I never planned on getting married and then when I finally came around to the idea of marriage, no doubt because of my surrounding, I had a very jaded and warped view on the way a marriage worked. Long story short, a man came along and changed that.

Many year ago I saw a piece on a morning news show about a fad where women would trash their dresses for various reason’s and they all had these beautiful, artsy, creative, fun and interesting photo’s. I wanted that.  I put a calling out and a photographer answered that call.

I worked with Southern Charm Photography out of Charleston, SC. Because the photographer is experienced in wedding photography I knew that we’d be able to make something great.

This is a before the trashing shot.

Southern charm Photography

I don’t really have an emotional attachment to my dress because it wasn’t our wedding day that I knew I would spend the rest of my life with my husband, it was when he proposed. That day far out weighed that of our wedding.

These are just a few of the shot he captured. Working with this photographer was fun, and comfortable much like hanging with a friend or family. He got involved, gave great direction and captured some really fun pictures.

Southern Charm Photography

The image below is my favorite so far.

This one is my mother favorite.

Southern charm photography

The thing about the photo’s is that now that I am married I think the photos represent my current thoughts on marriage, and that is when you are married to the right person it a lot of fun, sometimes a little messy, but mostly fun and it can really be a beautiful thing.

Southern Charm Photography

You can check out my other pictures on facebook and you can check out and find more information about the photographer from the link above, there is also a link to his website which has his port, etc. Really nice work, worth checking  out for sure.

And if you guys are ever on the fence about trashing your dress, do it!

You can always re-purpose it and make a bold fashion statement.

Re-purposed the dress, will most likely wear it again.


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