Playing the Field

You may have wondered why the past few posts have been filler posts when we have been traveling so much.

Well on top of the holidays and travels I had my finals, and yes, I passed.

But I have had so many idea as a model and no photographer friends that live close so I decided to dust of my 35mm film camera (Canon K2) and take matters into my own hands. I am by no means a photographer. I have not been trained in any form or fashion but I know what I like and I strive for it.

Here are a few photos I’ve done with local models from Savannah, Ga, Charleston, SC and even right here on base.

Most of the film I used here is expired, some from 2001, with the exception of the black and white. Thanks to Amy, Julietta, Kira, and Nadine for following my vision and being patient when I forgot to turn the camera on. HOLDING POSES IS HARD!


Kira 12580028 12580031




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