Road trip podcasts and pandora

Road trips, especially ones you have made over and over again can be mind numbingly boring. You can only listen to the radio so much before you realize they are all playing the same songs or better you go through one of those patches of land where it’s only bad country or music in a language you don’t know. ( in Yosemite we found an area which only seemed to have an Asian talk radio station).

It took us moving cross country for my husband to bring my attention to the fact that Cracker Barrel has audio book CDs that you rent. Its kind of like a Redbox for audio books. Audio books, if you get into the storyline, can make a trip seem to go by faster. Shortly after that I seemed to discover the power of a good NPR station.
I got addicted to NPR a few years ago when I first heard Radiolab. From Radiolab I learned about Stitcher and Audible.

My Stitcher playlist, well I have a few, but my favorites for road trips. Consists of some of the best shows to get lost in.


Radiolab, This American Life, The Moth, and Snap Judgment are story sharing sows that tend to teach you something while capturing you attention. You can see toward the bottom If I Were You show… this is for when the kids are sleeping its explicit and comedic. Better yet, they shouldn’t be in the car.

So for the kids ears switch to Pandora.


My kids are hooked on the Disney Radio station. Its literally just songs from Disney movies, and we mix that with Let It Go radio which also plays popular show tunes from Wicked and Hairspray,etc. Jay-Z is not for the kids haha.

Back to the audio books. I have also used this to keep up with my Read Your Way Through Deployment bookclub. I pay to get my monthly credits and I’m kind of backed up. I love audio books for trips. I have so many that I need to get through but again My choices aren’t always kid friendly. It is hard to find books for both you and them to get into. But they do have kid books on audio but I don’t feel like my kids can get into them so it’s something else I do while they are sleeping.



Either way these three apps can definitely help with the monotony that is the frequent long haul over holidays and spring breaks.
Any recommended shows or stations for kids?

One thought on “Road trip podcasts and pandora

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