The Move- The unloading

So basically part 2.

I have arrived in Germantown.

It’s Friday, February 9th, and I am getting the keys!!


There is thick snow on the ground in the walk way to our town home, it’s old snow from the last big snow but its still white. I am waiting to get keys to home place that we shopped for online, and will be our home for the next three years (possibly).

Well you can tell no one had lived here in a few months because everything was covered in a thin layer of dust. But still such an upgrade to what we had before. I also used this time before everyone arrived to walk around with post-its on the 3 levels and place notes on the walls where I wanted big things.

The truck arrives. My father-in-law and brother-in-law are unloading the Honda and then its over to the shopping centers for lunch.

One great thing about this neighborhood is everything is so close. I look out my door to the left and Target, Walmart, Kohl’s all the basic amenities to basic suburban life. Insert Ben Folds Rocking the Suburbs here.

We get lunch and come back to unload the truck. Time is ticking and the reason I came early was to get my son enrolled in school. Right when we arrive we are greeted by a team of grandparents and an uncle to help unload the truck. The idea we had was just to unload everything in the garage and the downstairs office area.

I quickly saw I was not of much help and only had 30 minutes to make it to my sons new school and start the enrollment process. Now, because I am the most organized person and so is our hospital system, I didn’t have my sons social, birth cert, or updated shot record. No worried by weekend end I found everything I need but with the chaos of moving it is very easy to place things in weird places.

By time I had got back (in less than an hour) the truck was already unloaded. The boys left to return the truck.I used this time to prove my worth and started taking the kids beds and furniture up to the third floor.

This is where I would like to insert we are moving from a 1950’s single story to a late 90s early 2000s DMV area style town home.

While we are doing all this moving big things around, my mother-in-law has the kids and cat in Charlottesville (thank God!) and my husband and other BIL are driving up from Beaufort.

We get all the big things set up before they arrive, not without little cosmetic damage to the walls. Getting our queen up the stairs to the master was a three person effort.

I am no stranger to moving. I have probably lived in over 50 different places during my life, so it is common for any family or friends available grab a box and help get things done. This move was no different. Over the next couple of days we had friends and family stop by to drop food (which is probably the best idea and something my friends and fam never did) and lead a hand unpcking, moving furniture, and hanging picture. By Sunday evening…. it was starting to fell more like a place to live and less like an episode of hoarders.

Here we are two-weeks later. And the place has a single recurring issue. Once that issue is solved, no doubt I can really see this being a place to host art shows and dinner parties (small of course.)

Everything, hasn’t official found its home, and with my husband checking in to his command and having almost a month leave we are still kind of in vacation mode. But soon surely I will have some great pics of the new place and I will share that with you all.

For those who helped on this journey, we are very appreciative and willing to return the favor. For those of you who are devoted readers, I am sorry for the strange writing style, rambling and spaces of nothing. I will return to normal soon!


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