Oh the pageantry

This weekend was the first of a few things.
The plan was to stay busy when hubster ws leaving for first deployment, so when he left we left. Me and the two mini’s went up to Spartanburg,SC to participate in a beauty pageant.

This was a natural pageant (meaning not glitz) and it was an all inclusive price so that made things easier. A lot of pageants do a la carte sides (best hair, eyes, smile) and you sometimes have to pay extra if you want your kid to be judged on those things. To be honest the whole system is confusing to me. And just saying the word “judged” makes me quiver in disgust, but I was curious.

Chloe liked being on stage. It was the getting off the stage and the waiting to go on the stage that was hard for her. When she’d go on her brother would yell to her from the back so she would look up and smile which was great since I didn’t have some one off stage to get her attention.

She ended up taking home the prize for best smile in her division for 0 to 3 years old. And she got first runner up. Eli won a little stuffed bulldog for the coloring contest.



Because my camera man was occupied with being a four year old boy we didn’t get pictures so hopefully the ones I paid for show her on stage.


This was her beauty dress. I bought matching sandals because its also going to be her easter dress. I ended up getting white dress shoes and those while ruffle socks to wear for the stage.


This was her outfit for outfit of choice in the theme of holiday. This portion was really cute. We did christmas for obvious reasons. People got really creative with their outfits and routines. We put bells on her shoes and wrist and necklace and a snowflake in her hair.
The question at the end of the day is… would I do it again?
Its a hard answer. Maybe if I had help. Everyone had like a team it was kind of neat to see how serious some people take it. I definitly won’t drive that far and won’t do one that’s around C’s nap time.
I suppose if everything met the right criteria and C is still her charming self we may try again but I think waiting til she can say so is the best bet.

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