Sometimes its ok to lie…if your a gps.

A couple of weeks ago I had a servere hankering for sweet potato fries. I looked up and found a local restaurant that makes what I was craving. I typed in the name on my gps and it told me a location that was closer than expect and less than five minutes from my home. I was so excited. I listened to my gps and although she is a liar and that restaurant was not even close to where she said, she took me to this adorably out-of-place neighborhood now known as Habersham.
Went home to Google this neat new find and found out that they have a farmers market on Friday afternoons. I waited until my husband got home to visit. We had our in-laws come to visit as well, and thought this would be an interesting place to take them.



Our first stop was the Carolina Crepe cart. He had some interesting combinations that we had to try if not just for the novalty.


I had the Palmetto with a spicy collard green mayo. It was pretty good. I liked the kick from the collard green mayo. My father-in-law had the Redneck which I sampled. I was a little worried because I don’t pickles on things but it was pretty good.
By the end of our journey we had two crepes, a chocolate croissant, a cherry pie for after dinner, and a bag of lettus for our tacos, lastly my mother in law commisioned a table runner for my table in my kitchen colors. I am super excited. I will take pictures and post when I get it.

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