Charlottesville, Virginia is one of my favorite places in the U.S. that I’ve been so far. I would have no reservations about living there again.
On this visit to Charlottesville we didn’t partake in our usual type activities, with the exception of grabbing the latest issue of C-ville (sex issue) and reading the rants. We only ate at one local eatery and it wasn’t Christians Pizza (if you have read my old blog, Starla Eats, you would know that I love Christians). We didn’t spend any time walking on the downtown mall. We didn’t take the kids to the childrens museum or bounce house place. We didn’t go down to the corner or even drive by the UVA campus.
We did things a little different this time and if you have spent any time with 106.1 The Corner on your radio dial you would know “different is good.”
For the most part we made this trip about family. My in-laws are the main reason we visit the area. They are the kiddos favorite people so even know there was sniffling noses there were even more laughs. The great-grandparents also drove down for from Maryland along with their great-aunt. So we had plenty of good conversation and quality time. And although we like to go out and explore more than most things, we really value time with family more, especially in pre-deployment mode.
Another great thing about the grandparents being there is we had a much needed date night. Now… no one hold it against us that we dined at a chain, The Melting Pot.


I don’t believe they had batters last time. If they did, I wasn’t paying attention. This was hubbys first time. We had laughs and a good time trying to figure out if things were done when clearly they exceeded the time our server told us. After dinner we ran over to the new Whole Foods location to pick up a Star Hill brew for the hubster, where we also discovered that Whole Foods has a food truck. We rushed home to get they kiddos cause we were sure that since they were sick they’d be cranky. When we walked in they were as if we never left. Haha

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