In your own backyard

The last two days my husband was home he was changed to day shift so that he could spend the evening with his family. On the first day I had dinner done. Me, my son and my daughter sat down to eat as we waited for hubster to come home. He pulled in, came inside with a quickness and the first thing out of his mouth was, “do you think we have time to go to the park?” I figured we could try. We got up from dinner and hopped in the car to go a few blocks over. I thought it was so sweet that this was how he wanted to spend his last hours with the kids.


We went down to the riverbed because when its low tide you can hunt for crabs if your sneaky. The little ones aren’t that quick. We had our little green beach bucket and I toted the little lady as the boys went on the hunt. I hadn’t been crabbing with the boys so I was surprise to see how many crab holes there were and impressed by my four year old’s courage to pick them up. It was a lot of fun. So much so that we did it the next night too.


We of course released them before we left. By the end we had only snatched five before the “sand fleas” started to bite.

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