Happy St. Paddy’s Day

A few of recommendations for St. Patrick’s Day
1. Wear green! It was hard to explain to my kid that if he didn’t he may get pinched or why someone would even be so violent (dramatization) to someone else based on the color they wear. Insert gang violence joke here. But seriously it won’t hurt you to be a little festive. If you aren’t and you can read this… you brought it on yourself, I warned you.
2. If you are in the low country, you aren’t going to savannah, aren’t cooking a bunch but still want your corned beef and cabbage without the hassle I recommend the Reuben from Palm & Moon Bagel Co. This was my first Reuben ever! And I wanted to go back the next day for another, I’ve been missing out my whole life. I’m trying hard to understand why no one ever told me how good they are, but then again maybe they are just that much better on a bagel. BTW the bagel chips at Palm & Moon are yummy too.


Palm & Moon Bagel Co. on Urbanspoon
3.  Lastly, I recommend checking out the One Week Boutique. Its a kids consignment sale with lots of name and boutique brands for cheap and being as tomorrow is the last day, its the half price day. Go in and see if there are any good deals left. I was there for the opening. I got an out fit and dress for my daughter, swim trunks and a knight and castle set for my son at right under $20. Better yet prep for the next sale which I believe they said was in August while your doing your spring cleaning.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And for those traveling to Savannah for the Parade. Be Safe!

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