First care package

We are getting ready to send out our first care package next week but the box is already full.


Of course I let the kids doodle all over it and I and the mother-in-law lended a hand and added some doodles of our own. I kept reading about the smiles on the faces of the people who receive these crazy colorful boxes and thought my hubby would want that too.
We did this one birthday themed. And I was told that sometimes they’d be happy to get the littlest of thing. Our L.I.N.K.S. mentor said that the guys get so bored that they will wrap desks and such in aluminum foil so sending tinker toys for the big kids gives them something to do in their down time.


We stuffed in some birthday themed items, personal favorites and hand made things in hopes of making him feel special on his 27th.
The happy birthday photo is a collection where I had kids holding the white board with things that say “we love you” and “I miss you,too”. Something he can keep forever to remember his first deployment.


We threw in a microwave brownie thing cause he doesn’t really like cake and homemade brownies may be kind of gross after sitting in a box for a month. Birthday related we sent balloons, horns, candles, and birthday cake oreos to share with the shop. Other than the birthday stuff we are sending snacks and junk food… that box of thin mints was so hard not to eat. When I asked him what he needed or wanted he said candy which generally isn’t like him.
We have just enough room for another birthday card and some hand written letters. Hope he likes it.

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