Stay with your buddy!

You’ve seen it a thousand times. You may have expierenced it yourself. Its the buddy system!!! It may seem like common sense to some and a curse to others to be with someone when traveling. Maybe it is about having the right buddy.
Until reccently, I didn’t think traveling was that hard. This was also a true thought with children. I thought you get in, buckle up and go. 1.2.3. Sure there may be the occasional and illegal climbing in the back seat to tend to the children, or the turn around hide-behind-the-seat peek-a-boo.
Now my car, much like yours, doesn’t drive itself. My travel buddy takes care of that. When the kids sleep travel buddy keeps me company so that my eyes don’t shut while driving.
The thing is I didn’t know just how much my travel buddy did until I was without. Now sure I can do things like roadtrips by myself… it just takes longer.
So now we just do math differently. A regular 8 hour trip now gets split between two days of only 4 hours driving time which translates to 6 hours travel time per day. And the less grumpy kids are well worth the extra time! 

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