I was going through my photos on facebook as I often do when I am avoiding sweeping or other mundane choirs, and I realized just what an amzing year we had last year.

2011 was awesome!! or at least it was for us.

December 25th 2010 we had our second child. So we rang in the new year by sleeping and probably nursing through the night.

But come February I was back to the gym and feeling good. I did a small hole in the wall fashion show to kind of get back to me.


Come April, my husband took care of the baby so I could have one of the best night I’ve ever had with my friends. We rented a huge bounce house obstacle course  let the kids play during the day and after bed time it was an adults only bounce house. We acted like we were half our age, we raced, we laughed… I highly recommend any adult doing it really. Rent a bounce house for you!

I picked up a new hobby in April as well. I started hoop dancing (hula hooping) and I love, I even started making hoops myself… not nearing as fun as hooping is. This lead me to meet some really cool people that I would have not found otherwise. Somewhere in this month we went down to L.A. to watch a taping of The Talk


In May, we started our journey across the country we spent the night in Utah, Colorado, Kansas and stopped for a while in Kentucky to be with my grandmother and then down to Alabama to be with our friends and family, then up to Virginia and D.C. area to visit more family and then spent the night in Tennessee, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Arizona before making our way back to our home in central California. This was a month long trip with plenty of stops at zoos, museums, and National Parks.

In June after we returned home, meet hoopers in Fresno and hooped in my first parade which also was my first pride parade.


In August, my son had happy birthday sung to him at cheesecake factory…while we were spending three days at Disneyland. Later on in the month drove back down to Los Angeles to hang out in Hollywood with one of my  former east coast friends. ( former coast- not friend).

My husband spent a lot of time gone after August but we still found time to drive up to Suisun City to see some friends.


We soon learned we were moving across the country, to be moving in December. so we spent the holiday with our friends there, who we call our military family. We even did our daughters first birthday 3 weeks early so we could have one last gathering with our friends.

I say we are spoiled, or maybe it’s blessed. I know that most people reflect on the year in January… but I do it after/around my birthday, after all that is when MY year starts. It just blows my mind that my kids are getting to do so much, that we are getting to do so much. My parents never took us anywhere. Maybe that is it? Maybe you give to your kid what your parents couldn’t? Whatever it is. I love it, I am grateful.


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