Staying busy but not with travels.

I have named May “money saving May”. So with gas prices being the way they are and me being the way that I am, I have cut out most travel and restaurants. Obviously this excludes the occasional mini strawberry milk shake from Sonic.
It seems that I read there is a kazoo factory in town where admission is cheap. For a family of busy bodies like us it’s going to be hard. We are speading time cleaning and cooking and watching entirely too much t.v. and lots of Disney classics.
Yesterday on top of having our taco night at a girl friends house and making the fish and beef for tacos, we also made two batches of brownies and a batch of banana bread.
The brownies were to send to hubby. This is the first time I put home baked goods in his package. I am nervous since the packages are taking a month to reach him.
I used Guinness instead of water in the dark chocolate brownies we made to give them another level of flavor. We also made a regular batch of brownies. We used a fresh saver to vacuum seal. We will see how well it does.
Hoping this package will get there sooner. We will do a fathers day theme for our next box.

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