Essere Magazine

In April, when my son had his spring break, you may remember that we went to Virginia to stay with our friends in the Virginia Beach area, and our family in Charlottesville. While we were in Charlottesville I contacted a photographer I had the pleasure to work with on her vintage inspired series last summer.

Vintage Inspired from Photographer Jyoti Sackett
MUA/Hair/Styling: Denise Chandi Daly

This photographer is Jyoti Sackett, and her in-home studio is about an hour outside Charlottesville in Buckingham, Va. This woman is an amazing talent. I swear every time I do a shoot, I feel like i’m awkwardly flailing around, but she always turns out to have captured these fantastic, thought provoking photos, oh, and in natural light with MANUAL FOCUS.

This most recent series we worked on was a one on one, with just me and Jyoti. She wanted this to be an emotional editorial. Emotion was something I was full of considering we just moved to a new town and my husband is deployed for the first time.

We finished gluing my unruly false eyelashes, Jyoti turned on the Adele because as she later said “nothing says emotion like Adele.”, and we got to work.

The photos she took that day made it into her Vogue Italia online portfolio.

Now the photos are in the second issue of a new editorial publication known as Essere Magazine, you can purchase the digital file or hard copy via magcloud.

Below are some of the photos from the work we did last month. What emotions I hope come across, longing, loneliness, love, hope, anticipation, also strength, and independence. It was fun to shoot, always fun to hang out and conversate with an artists…and from the p.o.v. of a stay-at-home mom, an adult. lol

Photographed by Jyoti Sackett