Beach Sunday

Its getting hard to remember to blog.

On Sunday my mother-in-law decided to stay an extra day. We were already late for church and my daughter was tired so if we’d went we would have had to leave early… so let’s go to the beach.

I was sad because my beach pass has been missing for a while and we paid so much for it. I highly doubt someone stole it. We went to Hunting State Island anyways. We paid by person at $5 a head and with the kids free it wasn’t a big deal. And while it was kinda hot to me as far as the temp at home, the weather at the beach was perfect. Lower to mid 80s full sun, cool off the water ocean breeze. I mean it couldn’t have got any better… but it did. The water was perfect, it was like cool bath water. The hose water that I have been putting in the kids blow up pool was so so cold in contrast.


We found another little girl a little older than Chloe in hopes that seeing someone else her size in the water, she may develope a little courage herself, and she did. The waves were almost non-existant we is great for wee little ones who are not expert walkers yet. The kids had a blast and it was a perfect day trip.
After leaving, I was craving ice cream and swung into a little beach shop and to my suprise and great luck the store is known for FREE ICE CREAM! I believe the place is called Barefoot Bubba’s. Really cute little place. We will certainly stop in again. 

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