Disposable Cameras

I have always loved film and trying new films but i have always stuck to some sort of canon rebel form of film camera. Now I have started spreading my wings into other varieties like 120 film and most recently I have stumbled upon a community of disposable camera users.

Film is crazy expensive now. When we grew up it was under $4 to pick up a disposable camera at the drug store and that was the only source of photos for the most part. We were always pulling our disposables out of our purses and snapping hilarious party pics. While the price now is between $8-$12 and another $10-15 for processing you want to make every shot count.

There are several online outlets for sharing. I really appreciate Indisposed Concept . The concept is One week, 24 photos. You share your life with the internet. People get really creative with their shots and it really makes you question what is picture worthy and how good your framing is. My framing is terrible. I have a level on my camera because I am ALWAYS shooting slightly off.

Another site that features some cool disposable shots that you can submit to is Through Whose Crew. They seem to have different galleries and theme toward fashion, music, art and have several galleries. Some of my work with Kelsea Finnerty was featured on the site. The first  two images are mine.

Recently I decided to open a disposable that we have had since our first apartment in 2006. It actually expire in 2004 and has been through 4 moves with us across the country and stored in uncontrolled temperature environments . So of course less than half the film came out and there are some spots on some. But here is my 10 year expired film shots.

only a few came out that are share worthy but I think that was the fun of not knowing or being too sure. With some evpired films you roll the dice and thats the fun.

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