Walker Burger on 395- NorCal

On our recent trip to Mammoth Lakes we flew into Reno.

After getting out rental car we swung by In-N-Out burger simply because I know if my husband was traveling with us it is what he would have done…and the kids love the stickers. I am not the biggest fan to me they are a close cousin to McD’s burgers.

But on our few hour drive we passed through many little mountain towns on 395. One place we passed was a little burger joint, it was packed on a Sunday. I mean when we passed there was car parked on both sides of the highway and the lot was full and i could see many groups of people both in lines and mingling. I had to check that out on the way back.

Keep your eyes peeled. It’s nothing too eye catching at first, but you’ll be happy your stopped if your a burger lover.

The following Sunday (which is now a few days ago), we drove up 395 North to Reno and in a town I now know to be Coleville, CA. (i thought the town was called Walker because I saw many signs saying Walker) there was the bustling Walker Burger.

It was just as I remembered. The lot was full so we had to park on the opposite side of the highway. We crossed the street to be greeted by an adorable little burger joint.

It’s one of those order at one window pick up at the other window kind of joints. We were very happy with our food. The burgers were fantastic and flavorful. The fries were your typical dinner fries but so good.

also.. the large order of fries is enough for two or three people

I got the Bacon Burger. Soooo good. I love places that have that thousand island type sauce.

The place has lots of shaded outdoor seating they call garden dining. There was lots of cute picnic tables and fountains and soft grass. It gave the whole place this back yard cook out feel, if a persons back yard was made for entertaining large groups and every burger off the grill was made to order.

i love that they have picnic blankets for the lawn if there are no tables available. very cute.

I thought it was a great idea, if they are out of tables you can use a picnic cloth for the lawn.
Next time we fly into Reno and we drive down the 395 to Mammoth Lakes we will definitely be stopping again. Hopefully my hubster will be with me. He seems like the Macho Burger type.
Walker Burger on Urbanspoon

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