Mammoth Mountain

On our last day in Mammoth lakes, really in our last hours in Mammoth Lakes we made our way up to Mammoth Mountain to take the Scenic Gondola ride to the top. This wasn’t our first time. well… it was C’s first time but me and E had done this almost 3 years ago along with my husband D.

I took this trip because I had been saving money for possibly meeting my husband in port since it’s not clear if/when we will have the opportunity again. And well when you are deployed in the desert your wife can’t fly in for 3 or 4 days like she can a port. Anyways since I am not getting the opportunity to meet up with my husband during his deployment AND my in-laws had space come available in their condo, with the money I was going to fly internationally with I could afford two last minute tickets to California. My mother-in-law said she would appreciate the company and I figured it’d be a nice distraction… was I wrong.


Since we had been 3 years prior and we had so many cute videos and pictures of us as a family together the trip served more as a reminder of how much better life is WITH my husband that without. I only knew of places to go that he had taken me. So most places I went I thought about when he was with us, how much he loves that place, and how crappy the place is that he is currently in. Don’t get me wrong he is getting to go to new places every now and then too, but I think he feels the same way. Its just not as fun without having some one to share it with.

Oh wait, I do have somewhere to share it with…my kids. And although E has been before his memory wasn’t that great, and C had never been so all this was new to her.

Going to the top of Mammoth is a must to me if you are in the area. There is something peaceful about the slow moving Gondola, and the serene surroundings. You get to the top and it so cool how its both quiet  and slow and also busy at the same time.

When you get to the top there is a cafe you can eat at. Also a little education center to learn about the surrounding area and the range. You can hike, bike or ride the gondola back down. The kids loved watching the mountain bikers ride down the stairs. I have to tell you I am not that coordinated on a bike, but more about that in a later post. My plans for next time is to do the midway hike down. Its a two mile, one hour moderate hike. The elevation really gets to me.

The last four pics are from 2009. The rest are from last week. You can really see the difference in not only family members but also the surroundings.

This was our second time going to Mammoth Lakes. Its one of my husbands favorite places. My mother-in-law shared with me that their family has been 14 times.

Where is your family’s favorite vacation spot?


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