Monterey to Morro Bay

This is a road trip so nice, I’ve done it twice.

The first time was about 6 months after we moved to California a few years ago when my mom came to visit, then again for my 23rd birthday with a sister from the church.

The first time we took this trip. It was My husband, myself, our 18 months old and a two month old puppy.

D and E in Monterey


We drove up to Monterey and spent the night there…. March was very cold.

Starfish in a tide pool- Monterey

Monterey Rock climbing


We messed around climbing rocks, looking in the tide pools, and yes, we did pay to go down 17 mile drive (which to us wasn’t really worth it).


The drive between Monterey and Morro Bay is a winding, mountain climbing, cliff side, coastal highway. It is slow paced and you will probably stop often to just take it in or to not get car sick… either way. There are cute little towns many miles apart. The second time we did this we swung by Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (beginning of April) and it was still closed still cool to see for the first time. (went back a couple more times)

Snapping pics of my favorite boys


PCH in April






On both trips (and many more outside the PCH trip) we stopped in San Simeon near Hearst Castle to see the elephant seals. I love them and their weird faces, and noises. It is so funny to watch them “run” or fight…. in one case try to mate. There are signs telling you where in both direction going north or south.

More Elephant Seals

Littered with elephant seals




A lot of people don’t go to Morro Bay but go to Pismo instead. My question is why? The beaches are flat and crowded in Pismo, and yes while most times we have been, the coastal fog hugs the massive rock. It’s charming, or eerie at times. Has more character. I am just one of those small town kind of people I guess.

Morro Rock before sunset.

Happy Birthday to me!





Anyways, if given the chance…. take this trip. It a fun day trip or two. Make more stops. Take more hikes, Climb more rocks. Have fun and be careful.

Also where are some of the prettiest places you’ve passed through?

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