First House Party

So last weekend we finally got to host our first house party through I have applied for what feels like 20 parties and finally got approved for one, and oddly so did my best girlfriend in VA Beach, too. It’s weird cause I started applying after her, we’ve both a bunch and we both got approved for the same party pack.

If you aren’t familiar with, they are a party hosting website you join for free, and you can apply to host many different types of parties (food, movie, tv, toys, alcohol). Basically the way it works is you apply for something that appeals to you, if you  get approved you use their site to invite your friends. Pre-party you get a party pack with almost everything you need for your party. Take pictures and videos from you party and post them to the site, afterwards you and your guests fill out a survey telling how you feel about the party and the products. It’s that easy. And so much fun!


The one we hosted was a Fisher-Price Play date with a party pack aimed at boys ages 3-5. We had both boys and girls ,even in the younger and older categories. The party pack we received had gift bags with dvds, coloring books, and coupons and catalogs for parents. Also all the toys for the event were provided. We got to try out some really cools sets from the imaginext line.

These are just some of the toys in our pack

WE kind of did the party in the style of free play for two hours. Parents got down and interested and checked out the toys themselves. And of course there was a lot of talk about Christmas lists.

For the party we stuck to finger foods. mostly fruit, cheese and crackers and tiny taco salads.

We used won-ton wrappers in a mini muffin pan to make the shells. Then we just filled with seasoned meat, cheese, sour cream, and topped with tomatoes and black olives. we did leave tomatoes and black olives off some for people who don’t like them.

We had a great turn out.

group shot


It certainly makes me want to sign up for more house parties, and yes I already have. The one I just signed up for is the Take a Dip with Sabra. Cause well, I have a hummus problem sooooo why not have a party so it doesn’t look like as much as an addiction. haha

Have any of you hosted a party through before?



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