Expectations of Deployment

Now that we’ve had our homecoming, a huge weight is lifted and we can reflect on the past number of months.


In the beginning of deployment, I, along with the other gals of hearts apart, made a “dream board” based on what we wanted to accomplish during the deployment.

My board was as follows:

  1. Start a wine collection- I wanted at least the fill of my nine bottle rack. I had one bottle of a cheaper sweet red… and it didn’t even survive til the end. Two days before homecoming I gave in a pulled the cork.
  2. Have a weekly girls date- I wanted to take the kids to the CDC once a week for a breather and go out, maybe a see a movie, get our nails done, or heck just go have lunch at one another’s house without having to yell at the kids to not touch one another. Needless to say this did not happen, maybe like once a month we did get the rare opportunity to have no children… it was fantastic.
  3. Make it the year of the hoop- I wanted to find another hooper, build a community get certified to teach, save up for quick wicks… none of that was done. actually I rarely played in my hoop for more than five minutes. The thing about toddlers is they toddle into your hooprange. (i did however get certified today)
  4. Grow my hair long- My hair was of decent length when he left and a nice length when it was cut… and it was cut ALLLL off. Some parts shaved for that matter. But I was paid, had a sitter and free travel sooooo of course it was worth it. And my husband actually prefers shorter hair. so it works out. however, I now have no hair to donate in the spring.

While I didn’t do those thing on my board I did do a bunch of other things I’m proud of and one was actually on my board

  1. take three trips- this was on my board, it includes our trip to Virginia, our trip to Alabama, and of course flying with the two mini’s to California.
  2. started this blog- while I have wanted to do this for a while I finally did it.
  3. Went back to school- this isn’t my favorite thing right now because it is hard to get done with all else I have going on, and yes it takes away from my time with the kiddos
  4. Got signed- well with an agency in Savannah but still they are the agency I had been watching, and they liked me too. I’m not ready to take anything to the the city markets yet… too much going on.

What I learned about homecoming:

  1. Everyone’s home coming is different.
  2. Have at least three photographers because no one will be available the time your homecoming is.
  3. Be prepared to not know anything.- we were notified an hour before my husbands arrival.
  4. If its in a hangar you will probably get dirty, so wear a pattern (that tip was give to me after my coral solid dress and black stuff all over it)
  5. Just like your wedding day, all of the celebrating is over in the blink of an eye and your on your way home. And just like your wedding night, the best part is on the other side of the threshold. haha WHAT?! Oh yes, I said it.

What’s your most valuable tip for homecomings?

2 thoughts on “Expectations of Deployment

  1. In my 30-some years in the navy I think I’ve done about 15 or 16 homecomings. It’s always the best part. Congratulations on having your loved one home safe and thanks to both of you for your service to our country.

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