So on top of this blog about me, my kiddos and our family adventures, I have decided to start podcasting.

The thing is I listen to a lot of podcasts. I almost listen to more podcasts than music these days because I have found some great ones that encourage education and storytelling. As a person, there is nothing I love more than hearing other peoples stories. I hope that there are other people like me out there.

Since I know so many people who are working hard as photographers, editors, musicians, models, writers… there is this underground world of people trying to make a name for themselves. Let me be the hipster of the industry world and show you fascinating people that you may have not known about. I plan to do back stage stuff at fashion shows. One episode will document our mom trip to New York (kid free!) And my first episode tackles body image.

podcast cover


My friend Nadine is in my cover art. So big thank you to her for letting me style, photograph her, and use her image.

And then of course a thanks in advance to my kids for thinking its cool (they love to record themselves on the fancy mic), my family and friends for supporting the idea, and the guests and futures guests for loving the arts.

We have musician/model etc, a make up artist, a trip, a magazine editor at a fashion mag, editors and creators of a visual arts mag, more musicians. It’s pretty exciting.

You can follow the blog here


Thanks Guys!


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