NYC Chocolate Tour.

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing something I’ve always wanted to do… my whole life, that was go to NYC. While there, my friend sunnyinsd11 found us a groupon for an eight-stop, walking  chocolate tour.

This was already going to be my favorite day because I had lunch at Korilla was later having coal-oven pizza and ending at Gotham comedy club. What is better than mixing my two favorite things exploring and chocolate?

This tour was led by a knowledgeable New Yorker, Walter, who also leads other tours such as the food, and ghost tours. Because of his experience we also go to stop by other non-chocolate related places along the way as he interjected bits of city history.

We met at the Chelsea Market for our first stop at  Jacques Torres  for the wicked hot chocolate. It was a bitter, rich cocoa drink with a bit of spice.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

Hot chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate Bar

wicked Hot Chocolate

Second spot we were on to Lilac Chocolates where we sampled a small bit of dark chocolate but I think the things they had made out of chocolate was the most interesting with chocolate high heels and a chocolate bunny worth about $175 if I remember correctly.

411Chocolate Shoes 415 416

Third stop:Chocolate Bar because one of our stops would not be open during the time of the tour we were getting two samples from Chocolate Bar. We sampled a spicy milk and a salted dark. I also bought a black pepper milk mustache. I liked all the chocolate I sampled and bought from here.

417 418 Spicy Milk chocolate Salted Dark

Photo courtesy: Nadine

Photo courtesy: Nadine

fourth stop: Magnolia Bakery, here we sampled FULL SIZE cupcakes, chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream. for me, the frosting was too much but my friend was more than happy to take it, the cake was perfect and moist.

424 428 429 Chocolate on chocolate 434

Next Stop:

Milk & Cookies, here we “sampled” full sized chocolate , chocolate chunk cookies. At this point we were starting to get full and the glass ceiling on chocolate level is being reached. But darn those cookies were good. They were so big most of us had a hard time finishing them. We wrapped them in napkins to have later.

445 446 Chocolate/ChocolateSixth Stop: Pasticceria Bruno, this has the “Best Canoli in New York” and actually it was very good. And although it had chocolate chips in the filling it offered the much need break from the chocolate overload we were near experiencing.

454 455 456 457 458 459 461 462

The grand finale! Xocolatti this stop was by far my favorite. Save the best for last they say. And well, they just happen to be right this time. In this store the owner actually gives us his own chocolate speech of how the store came into business. This store has only been in business a year and a half. The owner was nice, and personable with an obvious passion for chocolate. HE had what we all wanted… the truffles! We sampled a golden milk chocolate. 3 out 4 of us bought more to bring home. These truffles are pricey but the uniqueness makes them worth it. I also plan to order the “Uncommon Box” when my husband gets home. The space is small but what they have done with the space and the chocolate pretty much makes it a must the next time I go back to New York.464 466 467 468 470 472 xocolatti.jpg




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