The Family Pet

A couple of weeks ago a business acquaintance posted a photo of a handsome cat on her instagram. She had found him in a parking lot and taken him to a vet, got all of his shots and had him checked out. She wanted to find a home for him, and he was just so darn handsome I couldn’t say no.


I had told my kids while Dad was on deployment, that when he came home we MIGHT be able to get a pet. Being that we travel so much a dog isn’t realistic, with the size issues and kennel costs, we had ventured down that road before with a Great Dane when we were just three.

Cats are much easier to care for. This one comes to you when he wants to be pet but other than that he is on his own. We play few times a day, he eats, sleeps, and poops kind of like a new born. The biggest aversion is usually the litter box, but any where you walk your dog you have to bag their poo, I would much rather use a scoop than a thin plastic bag that could rip. yuck.

Sanchez, our cat, has just been with us over a week, and you can tell he is coming into his own. A couple of times the kids have had to learn the hard way what is acceptable and unacceptable petting. Now that we’ve all messed together and a few rules have been broken, it’s easy to find this as a good fit.

Even my husband seems to have came around.


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