Spring Fling- Food Truck Rodeo


image A couple of weekends ago, I saw the need to drive to Charleston to see what this food truck rodeo was all about. The thing is a friend on FB who lives there posted a picture of these different donuts with all these interesting flavors. I asked, and he told, and I had been stalking the truck ever since.

imageThe spring fling poster had a long list of food trucks that would be in attendance, all of which I researched. On top of the food trucks, the flier for the event boasted a beer garden at the accompanying restaurant and live music in a cute lounge area, the Easter Bunny would be there along with an egg decorating station and also various craft vendors as well.

imageOf course the first truck we stopped at was the Diggity Doughnut truck and what do you know? There is a doughnut with my namesake, so I must try it. Not to mention it had been one of the flavors I had been most interested in on the long list of yummy sounding flavors.

imageThe coolest part about this is the doughnuts are made fresh to order and the toppings glazed on right then. The are whole wheat, dairy free, egg free and low in sugar with natural ingredients. So you can have your doughnut with a lot less guilt. They are a perfect combination between dense cake doughnut and an airy doughnut almost mimicking a larger version of a funnel cake.

imageAcross there in the purple is the Vietnamese food truck that has the Bahn mi sandwiches. They also had an iced green tea with basil and honey. It was very Basil-y and not so great pair with the sandwich but it did compliment my doughnut very well. The black and grey truck next to it had fried green tomatoes (one of my favorite southern foods) two of my friends that has came with had never had them before so we had to sample some on the way out. They were topped with this spicy cream sauce that was good but a little over kill. I like being in control of my sauce allowance also so the crunchy bready doesn’t become soggy. Next time I will order the sauce on the side.


imageFrom top left, Peanut butter Siracha, Vanilla Bean, Lemon with Chocolate sprinkles, Strawberry Jalapeno (Starla), Chocolate, and lastly the Arnold Palmer. I have to say I LOVED my doughnut and it was well worth the $2.50, I later went back to get another but the girl in front of me ordered the last one. The Starla and The Nutty Professor had sold out.

imageOn top of the food truck, there was said to be a puppy treat truck which wasn’t there or if it was we never found it in the four hours we were there. But there was a traveling boutique called Gypsy Blue, which has goes to many different southern events. Recently it visited Nashville Fashion Week so this is not something exclusive to South Carolina.

imageChloe loved going in and out of the truck. I tried on a couple of dresses but as in most things in my life they were too short. My friend took home a maxi dress that complimented her style well. The prices were average boutique prices. One of the dresses I tried on was in the $20 (clearance) range while another skirt that I LOVED was near $70. With the average price being about $45. Very cool concept. If they are ever in your neck of the woods I encourage you to check it out.

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