A Chocolate Buffet

Last night was my new favorite holiday.  All You Can Eat Chocolate Night!

If you’re a long time follower you may remember I attended this event last year with friend Laura. Sadly our game plan was flawed and although the sessions are about an hour and a half long we were out in about 30 minutes. Our chocolate threshold was exceeded after only a handful of confections.  We were a disgrace to chocoholics everywhere.

This year being our second year we had a little more experience and two more partners in crime. Armed with our milk and our separated strategies we snuck in the back door of The Chocolate Tree to avoid the line that wrapped around the side of two buildings. (pro tip: they always have both doors open, not sure why more people don’t go in the back.) We started stacking our mouths and hands with our first string choices, making our way past the bins, boxes and slabs of chocolate. After the three back rooms through the kitchen we made our way to the front counter where you can have any of the chocolates behind the counter. This is where the truffles and fudge are kept.

If we can make it next year, it will be our third time and the 30th year of this lowcountry tradition.  To read more about this event, how it got started and see more of my photos from the night, check out Eat Sleep Play Beaufort.

The Highlights:

There was a new confection unveiled last night called Gator Crunch and it was milk chocolate with pretzels, rice krispies, corn flakes and peanuts drizzled with white chocolate. The salty sweet was a little of a palette cleanser, one of those snack you can accidentally eat too much of.

The peanut brittle demo, on our final walk through there was a demo and the smell and sight of the salty sugary treat filled the room. While I didn’t try any fresh brittle, I did enjoy watching it be made.


For next time: (pro tips)

Stick to the back door.

Try with wine.

Bring Chips- we saw others with chips and this seemed like the best way to level out the sugar overload.

Bring styrofoam container halves. We saw people walking around with to go boxes as plates to hold their chocolate, because they are sturdier than paper plates and have really high lips, you have a better chance of not dropping your sweets on the floor, like I did.

stick with the first session,  (6:30- 8:15) instead of the late (8:30-10:00) this gives you time to go out for a salad afterwards so you feel more refreshed, less sick and guilty.

2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Buffet

  1. Sounds AMAZING! I don’t think I would be able to walk away from the turtles/caramels!!!! We’ve had a steady supply of both of those at my house the past month or two. Just. can’t. say. no.

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