Labor Day Camping

Last week we celebrated the “official” end of summer. Labor day weekend we reserved two camp sites at Myrtle Beach State Park and our little family  of four met up with my husbands two younger brothers.

This was the first time really camping with our kids (as a family… the boys went last summer), and it was great we could do it at the beach. My brothers-in-law made the journey from central Virginia and us from the lowcountry.

Me and one of my BILs got up both morning to see the sunrise. Sunday was our full day, there was beach time, campfires, sunburns, fishing, bocce ball, tennis racket sword fight, raccoons, and even a couple of pictures that made the local news (photos 6 and 7).

Who know maybe it will become a traditional and affordable way to end the summer 🙂

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