BTS at SFN: A models perspective.

This time last year I wasn’t as involved with the local fashion industry. I would travel out of state pretty often to do little jobs here and there. It was very common for me to overlook the fashionable treasures in our my backyard. I followed many of the FNO events across the country last year and was both surprised and impressed with the photos that I saw from the Savannah event, it was actually a helpful factor when I decided to seek a local agent. I saw that Halo Models and Talent provided the models last year. I was not only impressed by the fashions from the local boutiques, but also the talent that was provided.

This year I was lucky enough to be on the other side of the research.

Savannah Fashion Night

I generally don’t take my camera with me to events I work because it is a huge fear that I break or lose it, and after the heartbreaking film incident that I had at SCAD (blank roll), I wasn’t prepared to go through the heart break again. But I did anyway. 

I have a bad habit as of late with only liking b/w. So i apologize in advance.

The funny thing is… I had a right to be fearful about bringing my camera. And I was heartbroken, I mean completely crushed when mid picture taking my camera decides to reformat card. Thankfully with some research and no farther photographing I was able to recover my lost images over night. Needless to say after arriving home at midnight and retrieving my photos by 4am, I didn’t get much sleep.

I had a lot of fun at this local economy boosting fashion event. It’s a nice local kick off to the big tents in the big city. Kind of, the mouth watering ready-to-wear appetizer to the couture entree.

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