One of the best things about us being back on the east coast is that while I trips are less frequent they are generally more meaningful in the long run because the only vacations we take are to see family. While we loved being in California more than most things we missed out on a lot of family events because of work schedules, deployment schedules and the daunting realization that the costs and time of the travel would be of little benefit.

Being here in lovely Beaufort has nestled us perfectly at about eight hours in either direction to our parents, and about ten hours in either direction to our grandparents. So this summer with no deployment for my family we were able to go to TWO weddings. WHAT???? I know, right?

This past weekend was a destination wedding of sorts that took us up to a Maryland mountain-town by the name of Thurmont. We got to tag along and stay in a large family cabin with my in-laws. We all packed sweaters, leggings, and boots for me because this was going to be the closest thing to fall we may see for a few more months.

We got lucky on Friday and had perfect weather for the Pine Cathedral wedding. We headed to a reception hall a few minutes down the road for cocktail hour, reception dinner and dancing. While I heard all the fun stories the following day me and E headed back to the cabin after diner, his fever has spiked and we had known this was a possibility. He fell asleep in my lap during diner and could not be bothered once he hit the bed.

From what I understand C tore up the dance floor with dad, and from what I hear and what I remember from the wedding earlier this summer that just means she did laps around the entirety of the space, but not without some type of blissful sugary fuel.

The day after the wedding was meant for a picnic at local Cunningham Falls but we were rained out. Luckily it was arranged so that our cabin could be used a few hours after check out to accommodate the finale party.

We went to Charlottesville on Saturday night and had a date night of our own before making the eight hour drive home on Sunday.

The car we bought in May with 40-something miles on it reached over 11,000 last night.

New goal, make the memories exceed the miles.

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