C&O canal

A few weeks ago we were meeting to go to a movie with family in Cabin John, Maryland. This is a beautiful little town right on the Potomac, nestled up on the coast of the historic C&O Canal. Our family has told us on numerous occasions to check it out but being so busy with settling in and getting the contagious fear of traffic I hadn’t gave it a second thought.
Then one day as I am driving in to cover DC Fashion Week the day after that 8 inch snow we had my GPS routed through to take Clara Barton Pkwy into DC. I realize how beautiful the drive is and note that the tow path must be a beautiful walk.
Fast forward to the first thing I mentioned… Meeting our family in Cabin John. We are about 45 minutes early and we need something to do. Our little family parks at a pull off on the parkway between lock house 6 and 7 and take a little rugged path down to a bridge and head over to the tow path.


From the bridge we take a flight of stairs down to the tow path between the canal and river.

Spring is good to this area. In just a couple weeks it goes from being icy and bare to lush and green. In the small block of time we were on the trail (30 minutes) the kids were able to run some of their energy out. They got to see a dog swimming and chasing ducks in the canal, tons of turtles sunbathing on logs, and a little water fall.



This is something we will certainly do again. However with the summer months upon us and the seemingly still waters of the canal,  I am pretty sure this is an area that could be intense with mosquito’s… Not something O want to experience blindly so bug spray will be packed next time.


Any tips on favorite spots to check out along the canal?

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