C&O x2

Okay okay okay. I just realized the last time I blogged was a whole different trip we took to C&O…

So here’s the thing. The frigging canal is long and there are so many starting points its insane. So when the moms group put a date on the calendar for a C&O walk, I was like where are you all starting? They just stared like I had asked the most ignorant question.

Mom Lead gave me directions to take Falls road off of exit 5 from the 270 and go to the end and make a right. Easy enough. I get there and THIS is the C&O National Park. We get out and this is the same trail down the tow-path some miles and lock houses away.

A new fun fact I learned on this trip. A couple of months ago when I took the kids to Great Falls on “the Virginia side”, and I couldn’t figure out why my dumb GPS wouldn’t let me go to “the Maryland side”, its because it was here and this is the C&O National Park and that was Great Falls National Park. Its the same body of water, you can see the tourists on the other side and everything but it totally matters when putting it into the GPS.

We took a small hike across a few bridges and boardwalks and ended up at the falls.

candocanal 002 candocanal 008 candocanal 012 candocanal 015 candocanal 017 candocanal 018 candocanal 023 candocanal 026 candocanal 028 candocanal 042 candocanal 044

After all the walking, me with the littlest on my shoulders because she had a blister and my son bored to tears, we went back to the snack house/ picnic area for a pb&j picnic.

Honestly it was a really nice day for a hike, it was hard to pull my son away from Mine-craft but I think he ended up having fun until he was hangry. It happens to all of us.

I am thinking this little trip would be nice in the fall, it is already approaching the bleh level of heat.

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