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Finally have a girlfriend with as many ants in her pants as I have, but this girlfriend is much more organized. She has a list of fun things for kids in the area so this weekend we got to cross off one of those things off the list and take the kids somewhere they haven’t … Continue reading


I was going through my photos on facebook as I often do when I am avoiding sweeping or other mundane choirs, and I realized just what an amzing year we had last year. 2011 was awesome!! or at least it was for us. December 25th 2010 we had our second child. So we rang in … Continue reading


Often times we look for indoor play places to escape the elements. Also any place with a bounce house is high on my kids list and generally the admission to these indoor bounce house places are a fraction of the cost of rental, this place is less than 1/10 the price. The most recent place … Continue reading