Often times we look for indoor play places to escape the elements. Also any place with a bounce house is high on my kids list and generally the admission to these indoor bounce house places are a fraction of the cost of rental, this place is less than 1/10 the price.

The most recent place we went is Bounce-n-Play. This was our second time going.

It’s the cleanest bounce house place we’ve been to.

They not only had a gated area to cater to smaller kids but in the bounce house arena they had a small but sturdy bounce house for kids under 3.


They a few huge bounce houses for the bigger kids.




They  also have tunneling play areas spanning across two rooms.


I love these slides.


My daughter had fun trying to ride in the big trucks. In her area they also had a ball pit which I haven’t seen in ages but the again before kids I guess I didn’t have much business poking around for places with ball pits.


They also have a paint room where you can paint on the windows.


And of course every kids wants to be allowed to draw on the wall.


The party rooms looked nice and sunny.


They also have free wi-fi for parents, a small cafe,  treadmill and big screen tv for adults only. There is also a coy pond for the kids to feed the fish and a retail area where you can buy boutique-y toys, bags, and accessories.

All in all we love this place and I am sure my kids will look forward to going again the next time we visit the area.

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