A big pile of garbage

I am still in Virginia Beach.
Today was a day of friends, both for me and my children. Since we are a miltary family its known that you will part from the friends you make. If you are lucky you will end up living near them again or atleast nearish and they will live close to one another to make seeing them easier.
Today we gathered and watched the hilarity and destruction that is six boys under the age of five and a one year old girl. We some how managed to take them in public for a late lunch at Parena Bread. I was thinking it would make a great prank show to release the kids in local businesses and see what happened. But they were GOOD. I mean there was some wrestling but no one was gawking at the 7 kids with the 4 adults.
After lunch we took the kids to Mount Trashmore.


I am not sure where everyone got the energy to run to the top after playing on the playground for so long and in the cold but they did it.


Its a pretty interesting concept, building a park over a pile of garbage but it was really nice. We had heard of a park like this in NJ via Radiolab. It was really cool to go in person.

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