Cooking in Charlottesville

Current location: Charlottesville, VA
Two days and two recipes. One for fun and one for yum. Everyone is on pinterest these days so you know that its a cup of inspiration for you diy appetite.
Obviously I have a food board and a pins accomplished board and I love to move a pin from one board to another. My son will get on with me and point to the things he likes no doubt mostly desserts and toys. We came across one picture that was a fun valentines inspired cupcake. We pinned the pic from this blog but we used homemade cream cheese instead of vanilla frosting. Probably not the best choice but the boy likes them and they were a fun expierment.


My son wanted sprinkles on the top. Both times
I got the one that was half brownie. Very rich.

I also made for the second time this recipe from the purple foodie. I love this recipe. Its easy. Today when I made them I used my mother in-laws sharp white cheddar that she got from sams club. Very nice with our soup lunch. Here is a pic from the first time I made them last week when I used colby (too mild)


My son still liked them because he loves biscuits but I was disappointed with my cheese choice. But hey, use what you have.

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