The bathroom isn’t private anymore

On my last trip up to Virginia before parting ways with my mother-in-law I thanked her for helping me and stated “you have no idea how grateful I am to poop without holding a baby.” This made her chuckle a little but its 100% true.
I’m not sure what people thought if they even thought about that part of the logistics of traveling alone with two kids. You can’t leave them in the car and you know you can’t sit them on a public restroom floor. You have to make the four year old stand in the stall away from you with hands on his head telling him not to lick the walls (true story) and hold the smaller one and recite ABCs or some other sing-a-long kids song to keep them entertained. And whiping takes stratagy when hold a baby on your lap but you do what you have too.
Not to mention that I haven’t pooped by myself in a few weeks is that I haven’t shower by myself in just as long. Its pretty hard to shave with a toddler building under your feet.
Today I tried to let her stay out thinking everything was baby proofed and that she’d be fine… well she was fine but she was diaperless with the slightest amount of poop on her butt… the rest was in my floor.
Being a mother is a real life sit-com.

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