Free Pass

Most of my military spouse friends already know that the NPS now is offering FREE annual passes for military starting last Saturday.  This is something I encourage you to take advantage of. This is something my family paid for in the past when we were stationed in Lemoore. It completely paid for itself, plus more.

I have added some pictures from SOME of our trips to Sequoia and Yosemite National Park.

Half Dome, December 31st 2008

Sequoia National Park, June 2009

Yosemite,North, August 2009

Geez, 2009 seems like a while ago. That wasn’t the last time we went to a National Park, to be exact it was June of 2011 which means we are over due,

Now living in South Carolina, we have new options.

Here is a list of Parks which you can obtain a pass at and visit, that are within 3 hours.

Congaree National Park

Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Cumberland National Seashore

There are a good deal of national wildlife refuges in Georgia within the 3 hour drive as well.

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