The Sandbox


Yesterday we went down to Hilton Head Island for our first time. We wanted to go somewhere new so went to check out The Sandbox. Its pretty much a big two story play house. They have fun little centers like a ship, a bank, a store, rock climbing wall, and of course and indoor sand box.
They do offer a military discount. Its $1 off the price. For Beaufort active duty I have heard you can “check out” free passes from the MCAS library. If anyone has info on this or knows it to be true please comment.


Afterwards we checked out the Smoothie Co. I was excited to find they sold my favorite brand cookie from the Alternative Baking Company. I paired my peanut butter cookie with a kid sized “jam and nut” smoothie. Nice treat.

***also note*** there is a toll of $1.25 both ways crossing the bridge. Cash only!

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