Greensboro Childrens Museum


Road trip!
I know I’m a pansy to some but I like to think I know what I can handle.
I can not handle two screaming kids in a car for 8 or more hours…I perfer no hours of screaming kids.
Usually I split my trips to VA into two days…not this time. My son rode with my MIL and my daughter rode with me. Each child had plenty of snack bags ready to go and some electronic entertainment.
We made two -just for fun- the second being the title.

By far it is the best children’s museum we’ve been to yet.

The tot zone was huge.

I think I was most impressed by the cleanliness and organization.

We only spent an 1.5 hours there which wasn’t enough time to see and do everything.

My son had a blast at the grocery store.


The kids played on stage while we messed with the sound board.


C was the receptionist…

while E was the doctor.


C loves her babies.


Life sized operation! Tell me the kid in you doesn’t love this.

E got to wear a fireman jacket and climb up and drive a firetruck, While c drove a police car. followed by my big E in the race car.


The kids had a blast.

Best part… it is a Blue Star Museum which means it was completely FREE.

It was much better than any that we’ve paid for and we gladly would have paid.



4 thoughts on “Greensboro Childrens Museum

  1. they’ve just recently added a large indoor playground area that resembles a bunch of blades of grass (to make the kids see what it’s like through a bug’s point of view), it’s very cool!

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