Weekend thrift

Saturday, me and the kiddos went to poke around at local thrift stores…
We took the cash I had which was about $20, which is weird cause I generally don’t carry cash

We found this really cool “old school” (pun intended) desk. It was stickered at $15 which I was almost ready to pay… then I saw the sign that said 50% off everything so at $7.50 this was a great find from TLC Thrift here in Beaufort,SC.

Next we stopped at Ali’s Attic, which I’ve passed a hundred time in the 6 months I’ve lived here but never went in. I always saw baby stuff outside and shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that its a kids consignment store! YES! Mostly cause I hate paying full price for clothes, also I like stuff pre-worn.
I fell in love with this store. Very organized for a second hand store.
The toys, strollers, and cribs outside were all in fantastic condition and the prices were great deals as well.
We even had a little chat with the shop owner. She was so friendly. She informed me that she has been in business for 12 years. She has customers coming from Savannah and Charleston and better.
I would say it could be worth the drive.


My pictures don’t do the store justice.

I highly recommend checking it out. We will be shopping there again. Also word is come fall they get a good amount of uniforms, so yay! For that.

Do you have any low country favorites when it comes to second-hand stores?

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