A Crabby Father’s Day

Our recent trip to Virginia/ Maryland was as it always is… fun.And even though we have made the trip many times before there were some firsts for us which I will fill in over the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ve loaded up with new content for the blog. 


One first…eating crab. 


On Father’s Day we rode with the in-laws up to Boyds, Maryland to spend the day with family. 

We walk into a beautiful home and are greeted with smiling warm faces, a kitchen island full of fruit salad, breads, and other munchies. Walk out to the back deck and three tables with family members and friends up to their elbows in these red, seasoning-coated crabs.

Now to be fair this wasn’t my first time “eating” crab. But most crab I had eaten was in sushi, dip, and mostly fake. I had never even seen someone cracking open a crab…other than legs, that is. 

So I sit down, get my glass of wine, and a quick lesson from a 13 year old girl (who totally made me feel like a sissy). I delicately attempted to maneuver through the crab pulling the meat off and out of crevices and removing gunk and organs. It totally grossed me out. (this from the same girl who doesn’t care for eating chicken off the bone) 


I have to be honest. It was good. But it sure is a whole like of work for only a little food. I would do it again, mostly for the social aspect. 


A week later for my girl friends birthday they got a bunch of seasoned shrimp and crab-legs. I definitely like legs a lot more. More meat and less work. haha 



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