Adventures in weaning.

So I am having a procedure in a few weeks in which I will be taking medications that my breast-feeding 19 month daughter can’t have. Also from what I understand i will be on the toilet a lot for prep and won’t have nutrients to spare. My daughter still wakes up to nurse a few times in the night, she nurses before bed and nap times and sometimes in the morning.

When it comes down to it I am the security blanket, the pacifier and nutrient source  since she also won’t drink milk.

So let’s recap…

1) toddler does not sleep through the night

2)toddler does not drink milk

3)toddler still breast feeding many times a day


My breast feeding extremists  friends will say “you don’t have to wean, just pump”,,,,let’s put it this way, she feeds enough to wear I am never engorged, never really leaking or having letdown.

Some days it feels I have tried everything, other days I feel I am too weak emotionally.

When I had to wean my son, for medical reasons as well, my husband was here and would distract him as I go for a walk or whatever. The key then was “out of sight, out of mind” and it worked. He quit cold turkey. After 3 days there was no more complaining, but he also drank cows milk and only nursed for comfort.

The thing is I would feel so much more confident about the process if the girl would just drink some milk.

Until then I will load up on other sources of fat and calcium.

I need to just grow a pair.

Any tips out there? Anything that you all have done to get your kids to drink milk, or wean?

One thought on “Adventures in weaning.

  1. we’ll be there in 1 1/2 wks to help – the most challenging time to get through are the nights – don’t know how it will work if she sleeps w/you – PRAY

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