Savannah Childrens Museum

This facility is mostly outdoors.
I bold type that and put it at the head because this is something that I didn’t know upon arrival. I spent no more than three minutes on the website for the museum and although, now I reflect on it, the few pictures on the home page are of kids outdoors. To be fair almost every children’s museum I have been to has an outdoor portion.
I also bold it so that you plan accordingly bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen etc.


To be honest, the place is crazy, cool. I mean if I were a kid it may have been pretty close to the hangout of my dreams. Right when you come in there are two brightly colored train cars (that are air-conditioned). One car is a changing station/ place to nurse, the other seems to serve more of a party room/ cooling station and is filled with books and a train table. This car is where we seeked refuge from the Savannah sun.


Right when you walk in you can choose to take the stairs or one of the slides down. There are plenty of shady area, fluffy lush, green grass sectioned and divided by old brick walls. The place is really quiet beautiful. My phone surely doesn’t do it justice.


There was a lot of little misting areas set up so kids could keep cool. They even had a couple of fans out. They have a really neat colorful maze, lots of giant lawn sized games, they have a garden area to teach children about different types of plants. They also had different types of building stations, dress up area and reading nook. Its pretty much the same as any other children’s museum, except its outside, which I can appreciate…in a cooler month.


It seems that they have plans for even more activity. I do think its worth the $7.50 admission. The next time I plan on combining the train museum in. It’s only a few dollars more and the kids also get a train ride with that so it seems to be well worth it.

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