Home sweet home

I am really kicking myslef for not taking more pictures over the past weekend.

I now live about eight hours from where I grew up, had my first job, met my husband, had my son, and got married. Many of my best friends still live in this once small town now growing into a nice little city.
I got so giddy coming into Alabama. I jumped and wiggled in my seat everytime that I passed a land mark that said I was closer to home.
My friends cracked on me for snapping a picture from the road as I made my way into Huntsville.


I came in for one of my best friends weddings and since school has started, for both me and my son, we could only come for the weekend leaving on Friday and returning Monday.  That’s only Saturday and Sunday to spend with my family and my close friends.
No doubt. We are always left wanting more. We all had fun. My children immediately warmed up to my friends and family. I spent most of my time there smiling and laughing, at points, so much so, that my face would hurt.
And while on my trip, like any, some problems arose. Despite the small problems I was happy with how smooth the trip went. The kids didn’t cry once on the up or down. (Thank man for dvd players and goldfish!) We all had a good time and are looking to return more often.
Sweet home Alabama.  

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