Lunch at the Modern

While in NYC we had the pleasure of getting to have a dinning experience at The Modern, which is the restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The dinning room had a fresh feeling, which most likely radiated from the crisp linens on the tables and the pristine…. everything. The servers seemed to float around in a choreographed manner, folding napkins for patrons when they got up for the restroom or topping of your drink as soon as it neared the half empty mark.

This restaurant has service, style, and art. Culinary art.

The art on our plates mimicked the art in the various paintings and sculptures that reside on the floors above.  The colors of the food were vibrant, with the sauces poured on in a painted manner. Every course was narrated to us, and any questions we had were answered promptly.

The four in our group opted for the two courses and dessert option on the lunch menu which offered plenty.

Before our appetizers we were greeted with hor dourves. Two-bite spoons, one with pickled raspberry, and the other with a duck breast. So our gastronomic adventure begins.

pickled raspberry and duck breast

Then came the bread. I LOVE bread baskets that offer variety. These breads were different and not only were the breads in variety so were the butters. This was my first time trying goat butter and I kinda loved it.

bread bowl

The next surprise. Our amuse bouche. A mackerel with fish roe and some sort of citrus oils and such. The four of us were not a fan. But then again not of us care too much for fish. I like fish, but not a fan of mackerel.

mackerelNext our appetizers or our first course of choice. Most of us had looked at the menu and were quiet excited about MUNSTER-BRIE “SOUFFLÉ” now that I see the on the menu souffle is in quotations I should have taken the choice or disappointment more lightly.  While the presentation was stunning… it was too salty. far to salty. 3 out of 4 of us ordered this as our first option. The fourth made a much better choice in the organic green salad. MUNSTER-BRIE “SOUFFLÉ” Organic Green Salad

Next was our second course option.

Half of us got the pork tenderloin and the other half the beef tenderloin. No complaints. Very Tender.

226 227

Lastly… DESSERT!!!!! What would four women be most pleased with. Chocolate and sugar of course. And that is why this course, of course was the BEST!



and N ordered the Pear thing with the pancakes… the menu has changed since last week but none the less, they were all amazing!
MANJARI CHOCOLATE PALET229 232And lastly we were finished off with some coffee and petit fours, which arguably were not as good as dessert.

chocolate trayEating here was so much fun, and it was such an interesting treat. My girlfriends mother paid for our meal (and another) while we were in New York because we are military wives and don’t get opportunities like this often. This was such a treat, and we all thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

If you guys want ot hear more about the meal or the trip in general make sure to check out the podcast.

Thanks for reading!

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